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REIA 412 Calvin Roberts: Holistic Multifamily Risk Management best practices with Calvin Roberts

Calvin Roberts is principal of Falcon Insurance Agency of Michigan and an avid real estate risk management enthusiast.

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Main point:

  • What are the precipitant causes of the calamity found currently within Property and Casualty Insurance markets?
  • What P&C trends should multifamily operators expect to see in years to come? 
  • How can I best insulate my multifamily operation from marketplace dysphoria? 
  • How can I tap into P&C as a revenue stream for my operation? 
  • How can I reduce my current and future cost of Insurance?
  • What is your approach to providing M&A pre-acquisition insurance guidance, and how does it differ from traditional insurance services?
  • Can you share examples of successful risk management strategies you’ve implemented for real estate investors in the multifamily and commercial real estate sectors?
  • How do you stay updated on industry trends and changes in insurance regulations, and how does this benefit your clients?
  • Could you provide insights into common challenges real estate investors face in terms of insurance, and how you address these challenges?
  • What sets Falcon Insurance Agency apart as a boutique brokerage, and how does your personalized service benefit clients in the multifamily and commercial real estate space?
  • How do you navigate and adapt to the evolving landscape of insurance for real estate investments, especially considering changing market conditions?
  • Can you share a specific case where your creative risk management approach made a significant impact on a client’s real estate investment?
  • In what ways do you collaborate with clients to tailor insurance solutions to their specific needs and goals?
  • How do you ensure transparency in the insurance placement process, and what steps do you take to educate and empower your clients in their risk management decisions?
  • As a trusted resource in real estate risk management, how do you foster long-term relationships with your clients, and what value do you aim to consistently deliver to them?

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