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REIA 314 Caleb Johnson: THIS is How to Manage Your Assets

Caleb Johnson has been an entrepreneur since the age of 18. He founded, the From Trial to Triumph podcast where he interviews notable guests who are leaders in their fields. Caleb owns and operated B and C-class apartment complexes.

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Main Points:

  • THIS is how to manage your assets 
  • How to source off market offerings 
  • The power of persistence 
  • The Importance of your why 
  • The basics of underwriting 
  • Knowledge is power
  • If you quit, it will last forever

Connect with Caleb Johnson:

Biography of Caleb Johnson:

  • Entrepreneur since the age of 18
  • Full time Real Estate investor and business owner 
  • Founded Red Sea Capital in 2022
  • Founded From Trial to Triumph podcast and has interviewed notable guests who are leaders in their own fields 
  • His mission is to be a faith-based professional, committed to investors, and building relationships.

Assets under management include: 

  • New Mexico, ABQ/30units /June-2022 
  • Oklahoma City, OK/ 16units/ Feb-2022
  • New Mexico, Las Cruces /40units /July-2022