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From Duplexes to Industrial Domains: Brock Mogensen’s $30M Journey Through Real Estate Investing REIA 439

Welcome to today’s episode of Multifamily Live, where we dive deep into the world of passive real estate investing, with a special focus on apartment buildings and an intriguing pivot to industrial real estate. Today, we’re thrilled to have Brock Mogensen with us, a seasoned investor who’s managed to navigate his way through the complexities of real estate to manage over $30 million in assets. Join us as Brock shares his journey, insights, and strategic shifts in his investment focus.

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Main Themes:

  • Brock’s Real Estate Journey: From purchasing his first duplex to handling a portfolio worth millions, Brock walks us through his path, including the leap into syndication and the challenges he faced during his first deal.
  • The Art of Syndication: Discover the intricacies of syndication in real estate investing, including the hurdles Brock overcame and the lessons learned from his initial challenges.
  • Due Diligence and Operational Insights: Understand the importance of meticulous due diligence and operational expertise, especially when dealing with Class C properties. Brock shares how his team successfully improved and sold a property by enhancing its value and increasing rents.
  • Shift to Industrial Real Estate: Learn why Brock has now shifted his focus towards industrial real estate, specifically class B industrial properties in Southeastern Wisconsin. He discusses the appealing returns, favorable market conditions, and why this niche is a goldmine for investors.
  • The Industrial Real Estate Advantage: Brock highlights the advantages of investing in industrial properties, ranging from 20,000 to 150,000 square feet, used for light distribution, manufacturing, and storage. The episode delves into the benefits of a sticky tenant base, the strategic importance of location for truck access, and the art of negotiating expenses between landlords and tenants.
  • Underwriting Tenants and Due Diligence in Leasing: Gain insights into the rigorous process of underwriting tenants and the comprehensive due diligence required in the leasing phase of industrial real estate. Brock emphasizes the necessity of a thorough approach to ensure success and minimize risks in investments.

Conclusion: Brock Mogensen’s journey from starting with a modest duplex to mastering the complexities of real estate syndication and then pivoting towards the lucrative niche of industrial real estate in Southeastern Wisconsin is not just inspiring but also packed with valuable lessons for both novice and experienced investors. His emphasis on due diligence, understanding market dynamics, and the strategic operational insights offers a roadmap to success in the diverse world of real estate investment.

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