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REIA 179 Brandon Schwab: 5 Reasons You Need Boutique Senior Living In Your Investment Portfolio Before the Next Crash & How to Not let Inflation Eat Your Money

Brandon Schwab has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 15, he brings 20+ years of operating experience to Shepherd Premier Senior Living. Where he started and runs a fund to change the senior living industry from BIG Box to boutique cozy homes.

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Main Points:

  • Senior Living TOP commercial asset class last 10 years
  • Senior Living TOP commercial asset class after last 2008 crash
  • Senior Living of Tomorrow is NOT the Traditional Senior Living You Remember 
  • Senior Living is the Most Recession Proof Asset Class Available Today 
  • Every Investor Needs to Know This About Senior Living & How COVID Changed The Landscape
  • Boutique Senior Living is to Senior Living what Uber is to the Taxi Cab Industry

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Biography of Brandon Schwab:

Brandon Schwab has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 15, he brings 20+ years of operating experience to Shepherd Premier Senior Living since its founding in 2014. He has a vision to improve the senior living industry forever! He wants to provide a better way of delivering quality care that is resident focused, not bottom line focused. Some would call him a disruptor and others would call him a visionary, he prefers to be thought of as a passionate business man that saw a problem and wholeheartedly pursued the solution. His grandpa Schwab, who meant the world to him, received what he considered sub-par care at one of the “big box facilities and it broke his heart. He knew there had to be a better way out there. He didn’t find the “better way” until July of 2014 where he discovered it in Orlando, Florida in a small boutique 5 resident cozy home called Sutton Homes. This home inspired him, it opened his eyes or turned on the lightbulb to the better way”. At least he was confused and didn’t understand how he didn’t know much about boutique senior living although he fancied himself as an experienced real estate investor that co-lead a investment club of over 100+ people. He quickly realized that this was his purpose in life, everything else he’s done left him empty or always seeking more but in reality it prepared him for Shepherd Premier Senior Living & the boutique senior living niche industry. The industry is currently being led by large corporations with investors to report profit margins to as a priority while overlooking the needed care of the greatest generation of residents. Caregiver to resident ratios of 1:15-20 as the national average is unacceptable, it needs to be changed. His boutique senior living model aims to provide 1 caregiver to every 5 residents. The better caregiver ratio directly equates to better care provided to residents.