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REIA 248 Bernard Pierson: Why and how we help foreign investors get access to US real estate

Bernard Pierson has over 10 years of real estate experience and has invested in over 2,000 apartment units. He started his real estate career doing groundup real estate development and is now fully focused on acquiring multifamily properties. Bernard also holds a Master’s in Real Estate from Georgetown University and a Real Estate Analysis & Investment certificate from MIT. 

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Main Points:

  • Before real estate, I was in the food trading industry. I built wealth, so why did I change to real estate?
  • Why I decided to start doing real estate in Latin America first
  • Why did I stop and move all my efforts to acquiring properties in the US
  • Why and how are we helping foreign investors get access to US real estate
  • What benefits can any investor, especially foreign investors and NEW domestic investors (recently migrated), get from US real estate.

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Biography Of Bernard Pierson:

Bernard has over ten years of real estate experience and has recently focused primarily on multifamily assets. He has been in General Partnerships and management totaling 500+ units across 10+ assets. He has also participated in the acquisition of 1,500+ units across 20+ properties with Limited Partnership Interest.

Bernard previously specialized in ground-up development. He led the development of over 100,000 usable square feet of condominium buildings and single-family home communities, in addition to the related development of land and infrastructure.

Bernard holds a Master’s in Real Estate from Georgetown University and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from American University. He also earned a Certificate in Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment from MIT, and isactively involved with theUrban Land Institute (ULI),and four leading mastermind groups where he keeps up to date with his industry knowledge. Bernard frequently attends the top national multifamily conferences and events.

During his free time, Bernard enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. He is an avid golfer, skier, and tennis player.