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REIA 247 Axel Ragnarsson: How you can buy 300+ units in three years at 25% below market value using direct to seller marketing

Axel is the founder of Aligned Real Estate Partners.  He also hosts The Multifamily Wealth Podcast, one of the most highly rated podcasts in the industry, where he interviews multifamily real estate investors and dissects how they started, built, and scaled their businesses.

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Main Points:

  • The importance of building a funnel that generates off-market deals
  • How creative deal structure can increase returns for you and your investors
  • How to identify your competitive edge as a real estate investor 
  • The importance of building a personal brand and telling your story online

Connect with Axel Ragnarsson:

Biography of Axel Ragnarsson:

Growing up, Axel bought and sold everything he could get his hands on, such as electronics, dirt bikes, cars, etc. Eventually, he discovered the world of real estate, specifically the business of flipping houses. While learning more about how to become a successful house flipper, he was introduced to the world of income producing real estate – the concept of passive income had him hooked. By the age of 24, using private capital and a focus on finding off-market deals, Axel built a portfolio of multifamily real estate that provided financial inde- pendence. He now works with busy professionals to invest in commercial real estate, providing passive income, tax benefits, and superior returns to the stock market. Currently, Aligned Real Estate Partners owns approximately $17M in multifam- ily real estate and has been a principal party in $27M+ worth of transactions. Axel is also the host of The Multifamily Wealth Podcast, which is one of the most highly rated multifamily real estate podcasts in the industry