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REIA 259 Andrew Davis:Raising $200,000 a year through good stewardship

Andrew Davis serves as the Director of Investor Relations  at, a real  estate private equity group with a portfolio value of over $1B, across 5,000+ units and multiple asset classes.

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Main Points:

  • The importance of picking the right sponsor
  • Dollar cost averaging through this market
  • The cost of doing nothing 
  • Integrity & Competence as a foundation for a thriving business
  • Alternative asset classes: Car washes, hotels. . .

Connect with Andrew Davis:

Biography of Andrew Davis:

Andrew and his wife Isabel live in Asheville, NC with their goldendoodle Piper and a revolving door of houseguests. He is the Director of Investor Relations for, a commercial real estate private equity group approaching $1B in AUM, primarily in multifamily and self-storage assets, with a long term goal to be invested in multiple recession resistant asset classes. In 2021 alone, they raised $175MM in capital from private retail investors. He is focused on capital formation, building long term relationships with investor partners, driving awareness of the brand & mission, and creating a best-in-class investor experience. He began his career in sales, working for Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies, receiving multiple promotions and developing leadership, sales, marketing, and operational experience. Passionate about real estate investing since his early college years, he began the “side hustle” of investing in single family RE in his 20’s, and raised capital from friends, family, and in some cases complete strangers to acquire his first few deals. After building his single family portfolio to 16 units, he became frustrated with the inefficiency of scaling single family homes and began aggressively looking for opportunities in multifamily real estate. That led him to and the opportunity to align his skill set, and interests with his day to day, and work with a leader in the space. Andrew is originally from Portland, OR. When he’s not working, he loves to be outdoors and active: hiking, trail running, playing pickleball, . He’s an avid reader, a lifelong learner, and deeply curious about myriad topics. He and Isabel love to travel, eat good food, and serve others through generosity, encouragement and coaching.