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REIA 293 Ali Nichols: Ever wanted to own an Airbnb? Learn how you can own hundreds with Ali Nichols

Ali Nichols is the Co-founder/CEO of Getaway, which offers fractional investing in premier, cash-flowing vacation rental properties where investors benefit from cash flow, appreciation, and travel. Previous to Getaway, she led numerous teams, including at Bungalow, a Real Estate property tech start-up company. 

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Main Points:

  • building a platform for everyone to become a real estate investor  
  • what is fractional real estate investing 
  • focused on the short term rental market 
  • how fractional investing is great for diversification 
  • outlook for the short term rental market

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Biography of Alexandra (Ali) Nichols:

Alexandra Nichols is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of SuCasa. Prior to founding SuCasa, Alexandra spent over 4 years as an executive at Bungalow, a technology-enabled residential real estate company. During her time at Bungalow, she ran numerous business functions including, Operations, Growth, Marketing, Sales, and Real Estate. She spearheaded raising and operating a $700M real estate fund focused on acquiring single-family rentals. Prior to Bungalow, Alexandra was a Strategy & Planning Sr. Manager at Uber and a Consultant at IBM. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Carnegie Mellon University.