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REIA 65 Alex Breshears: How to Invest Passively to Live Actively

Alex Breshears is a military spouse of 20 years, a chemistry professor, private lender, short term rental owner and manager, and community builder in the real estate space.

 Main Points:

  • Choose a style of investing that fits in your lifestyle, personality, time commitments, and strengths
  •  Investing is a long journey so don’t focus to heavily on just the destination
  • Keep an abundance mindset that is open to change and collaborative

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Biography of Alex Breshears

Alex Breshears is a private money lender, short term rental owner and manager, Title III Crowdfunding operator, and educator.  Alex started a private lending company, Infinite Road Investments, in April of 2020, funding 1st lien and 2nd lien positions for residential property in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. She also started an educational Facebook group called Private Lending Lessons which offers weekly educational lessons, daily posts for discussion, and opportunities to network with other investors about private lending, and various projects that may need funding. Alex is also passionate about financial education and independence for female investors She is currently a chemistry professor, teaching for a four year school. She is a limited partner for multifamily syndications in the southeast.