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REIA 50 AJ Shepard: Leverage Offsite Professionals

AJ Shepard is an Investor, Licensed contractor, and Entrepreneur.  Through Uptown Properties he provides over the top property management and development services.  His passion and background in real estate and construction management created an avenue for his company to provide all services necessary to bring excellent returns on investment for all those he works with.

AJ before going into the behind the scenes functions and how to systematize the processes that bring us the best returns, share an experience from your formative years that helped shape who you are today.

Bullet Points:

  • Why do you need an offsite professional?
  • What tasks can I delegate?
  • Choosing the right Virtual Assistant
  • How to manage and overcome challenges with offsite professionals

Connect with AJ: 

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AJ Shepard Biography:

AJ Shepard is the co-owner of Uptown Properties in Portland and also a licensed contractor in Oregon. His experience in real estate started more than 12 years ago in the contracting business. Finding his passion in real estate and construction management has created an avenue for this company to help provide all services necessary to its clients. Knowing the trade and the ability to manage many allows for streamlined maintenance for the investor’s property at a reduced cost. Volunteering at ULI, and FRESH to give back to the Real Estate Community. An active member of NARPM and recipient of the Darryl Kazen Scholarship, current Regional Vice President of the Pacific division and recipient of RMP and MPM designation.

AJ is also the co-host of the Westside Investors Network podcast (WIN). WIN strives to bring knowledge and education to the real estate professional that is seeking to gain more freedom in their life. The hosts’ AJ and Chris Shepard are committed to sharing the wealth of knowledge that they have gained throughout the years to allow others the opportunity to learn and grow in their investing.  

Summary of Business: