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REIA 356 Adam Zach: Helping Dads Reach Financial Freedom While Working a W2 job and Having Young Kids

Adam Zach is a family man with a business, not a businessman with a family. He retired from Civil Engineering at the age of 32 through real estate investing.

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Main Points:

  • What is Reverse Investing?
  • How do you leverage “contingencies” in your offer to protect your offers?
  • When do you pivot and when to persevere from an idea?
  • Tell me more about the power of partnerships?

Connect with Adam Zach

Biography Adam Zach: 

Adam Zach (pronounced Adam “Zock”) has a magnificent obsession with learning and is addicted to personal growth. He is a family man with a business, not a business man with a family. Here tired from the Civil Engineering profession at age 32 by leveraging real estate investing to appreciate lives. He currently holds 50 single-family rentals in 13 different states. Now his main passion is helping Dads with young kids who are in to real estate achieve passive income while working a full-time job and putting family first. At age 34, Adam lives in Fargo ND with his amazing wife and 3 young kids ages 5, 3, and 1.