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REIA 215 Adam Craig: From residential rentals to commercial redevelopment – living investor dream

Adam is the founding member of CLE Real Estate Group, a real estate investment company located just outside Cleveland, OH. After earning a B.A. in finance from Kent State University, Adam began to peruse his passion for real estate investing. Since 2013, Adam has closed more than 70 deals and accumulated a rental portfolio topping 8 million dollars in residential and commercial real estate. The key to ​Adam’s success is a genuine passion and enthusiasm for real estate investing.

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Main Points:

  • I grew up caddying at a golf course that helped shape my views on the world and what I hope to achieve Hiring contractors and things to look for
  • The difference between residential and commercial real estate investing
  • Managing work and family and finding the right balance
  • The importance of networking and how it has helped evolve my career

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