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Racking Cove Rehab

Racking Cove Rehab Conversion from Tri-Plex to Single Family Home

Conversion Process

Racking Cove Road was bank owned property.  It was a single family home that had been converted to a tri-plex.  It was purchased as a fix and flip and converted back to a 1700 square foot single family home.

Marketing Virtual Tour

The major portion of the project was opening and remodeling the wall between what was a one bedroom apartment and a two bedroom two bath apartment.  The arched wall seen in the video was the dividing wall between the two apartments.  The two baths in the two bedroom apartment were converted into one master bath.  This still leaves the home with three baths.  The existing kitchen cabinets were painted and granite countertops installed.  New black appliances were added.  All flooring was replaced.  A sliding door that opened to a sunroom was replaced with a double door.  The home was purchased for $30,000 with $65,000 in renovations costs.  The home sold for $165,000.