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CSC 97 Josh Patrick: The Secret to a Great Outcome is Asking a Different Question

Josh PatrickJosh passion in life is helping private business owners create extraordinary value with their businesses and lives. He helps create this outcome using life experiences that he’s had for reference. He is a student, an entrepreneur and a curious observer of life.

Josh has learned that creating the outcomes you want requires that he listen and ask great questions.  His job is to help others understand and know what they want, why it’s important, who needs to help and how they’re going to reach their outcomes.

Josh specializes in working with owners of private businesses. It’s where he has the most interest and can add the most value. If you own a business and are interested in a coaching relationship as well as wealth management, he’s your guy.

Josh is a Certified Financial Planner®, a serial entrepreneur, a writer, reader and thinker.  He is a contributor to the NY Times You’re the Boss blog as well as the author of our Stage 2 blog, Creating Value. What this means for others is that after he helps others discover what’s important for them, Josh know what tools will work the best to help them get the outcome they desire.

Whether your working on creating value for your business, help to find a path to financial independence, solve a business succession issue or get the right customer and employees, Josh has been there and done that.

Josh thinks a great advisory relationship is all about creating a partnership with his clients. He is a member of your team. He helps you figure out what you need and then sticks around to make sure your goals become reality. Over the past 35 years Josh has worked with and coached hundreds of businesses.

Success for Josh comes from the combination of learning and doing. Learning provides best practices and doing provides knowledge on what works in the world of private businesses.

Josh invites you to have some fun together, while finding some really interesting ways to make your business and life better.

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