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CSC 77 Roni Elias: Lessons My Grandfather Taught Me

Podcast EpisodeTownCenter Partner’s, LLC lead Asset Manager is Roni Elias who leads the Alternative Asset division and the Asset Advisory division that focuses on multifamily and student housing.

Roni has worked in litigation cases reaching over $9.5 Billion Dollars in Recovery. At his previous firm, Roni managed a portfolio of over $520 Million in Real Estate Assets. Roni holds multiple real estate licenses in Florida, DC, Virginia, Maryland and holds the designation of Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) & longtime member of ICSC. Roni has been published in multiple Law Review journals and magazines over 36 times.

TownCenter Partners LLC believes it is continuously important to give back to the community and does so by donating a portion of it’s income to charities and scholarships.

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