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CSC 60 Preston Walls: Purposeful living for the long term

CSC 60 Preston Walls: Purposeful living for the long term

Preston founded and oversees Walls Property Group & Walls Property Management. The companies are a vertically integrated offering construction management, renovation, leasing, property management, maintenance, asset management and syndications. He currently manages a portfolio of 80 buildings, valued over $300 MM. Preston is currently building a 61 unit mid-rise multi-family project, in permit for a 53-unit site and renovating several existing value-add multi-family properties in Seattle. His primary focus is on growing 3rd Party Property Management services, as well as sourcing investors for future syndication opportunities.

Preston has managed syndication projects requiring equity capital, negotiating terms and partnership agreements, partitioning risk, and managing equity and debt offerings to investors. He has also served as the project manager for dozens of building renovations.

Preston obtained a B.A. with a double major in Economics and English from Colgate University. He has served on boards and advisory councils, including Discovery Montessori, Lakeside School and the Goodtimes Project. Preston is also a contributing member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and Puget Sound Business Journal Leadership Trust.

In his free time, Preston can be found fishing, boating, wakesurfing, skiing, and spending time with his two children. Preston also enjoys volunteering with his favorite charity, The Goodtimes Project – whose vision is to create caring spaces for families who have been affected by childhood cancer.

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