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CSC 104 Todd Palmer: Wealth Building Strategies: Growth Happens Only When We Lean Into the Uncomfortable

Todd PalmerTodd knows that growth happens only when we lean into the uncomfortable — and he knows from personal experience: Todd went from being a struggling entrepreneur with $600,000 in debt to making the INC 5000 (a record total of 6 times!) as one of America’s fastest-growing companies.

Today, as a collaborative business advisor and CEO of Extraordinary Advisors, Todd helps his clients ditch their comfort zone, dive into their “failures,” and re-frame their mindset to be more authentic, transparent, and vulnerable to affect real change along the path to success. He knows that business success begins and ends with

people, and he isn’t happy until his clients trust themselves (the leaders) AND their decisions. His job is only finished when teams trust the leaders AND each other — when CEO’s and their leadership teams take action towards high-level achievement, resulting in clients that trust the company. (Read: more sales, more profits,

more partnerships.)

Todd is also author of the popular book The Job Search Process: Find & Land a Great Job in 6 Weeks or Less.

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