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CSC 101 Ken Sheppard: Passive Real Estate Investing: Out-of-the-box solutions for maximizing return on investment

Ken SheppardKen is in the creative financing business where the core asset is generally a real estate, entertainment, communications, (software, hardware delivery, production, distribution, all forms of transmission (including satellite) digital, downloads, etc.) energy, sports and/or sports related, tax credit or other asset component. We participate in “out of the box” loans, purchases, partnerships, equity, contributions, credit enhancements, etc. We have principal investors for distressed debt, restructuring and REO in all business sectors/spaces. Many times, there is a credit challenge in the mix. We are also interested in asset based financing, non-performing/performing notes and real estate/entertainment and various other opportunities that require repositioning/growth.

We are seeking new relationships with firms such as yours. This specifically is in the technology/new media, green energy and healthcare spaces. Some of the opportunities we are currently involved with have between $50,000,000 to $100,000,000 (or more) currently invested in their firms and are seeking further growth capital. Many other opportunities are much smaller. Some are EBITDA positive, others are not, but are on their way. All have substantial investments in their firms. Our clients are involved with firms such as Microsoft, Dell, Paramount, EMI, Verizon, CNN, Universal Music Group and many others.

Creative Flips, Inc. is also interested in opportunities to monetize future revenue streams from contracts (including professional baseball and basketball), purchase orders, invoices, structured settlements, credit tenant leases, entertainment libraries/catalogs, etc. We also package financing for Documentary Letters of Credit and Standby Letters of Credit/Letters of Guarantee. Our firm has a particular interest in companies with a current EBITDA of $1,000,000 or more that are seeking growth capital.

We have also commenced new lines of business to assist in the reduction of credit card expense for clients who have a minimum of $1,000,000 per year in Visa and Mastercard charges as well as various debit cards. This service analysis is provided at no cost to the client. If there is a savings from current usage servicing and the client desires to change to our service, there is no cost to the client for the changeover.  A second is to provide tenant improvement financing. This has been completed in the recent past by Fortune 500 firms.

An additional new line is for the assistance in arranging for any available tax credits on a Federal, State or local basis for companies that qualify for the credits. This can be most beneficial when utilized properly.

I was recently requested to join UBS, which I elected not to pursue.  Alternatively, we have created a soft arrangement with a world class international bank thru their Los Angeles office for us to provide them with product that fits their criteria and them to provide services to us such as verification of funds, use of their offices for meetings when they and my office agree this is appropriate and other services of mutual benefit. The name of this bank is available as needed/requested.

As an example of our creative financing, we have identified an innovative and attractive financing program which provides a higher yield with less equity down for ground buyouts with a lease back. The owner of the property retains the ability to lease the improvements. In this current market, it is typically much more attractive than traditional bank type financing. It is a vehicle for hotels, retail centers, office, industrial and apartments – any commercial cash-flowing property will be considered, as long as the deal size is preferably $15 Million plus (smaller size acceptable if in NYC metro area, Florida or Las Vegas). This works well for acquisition or refinance, performing or “stressed” assets, as long as there is some cash flow currently. The stronger the cash flow, the better the terms. There are no up-front fees involved and references can be provided. The group has successfully done over $1.5 Billion in total financing under this program.

Please kindly provide us with those transactions that do not fit within your funding parameters thru your available sources. We are more than pleased to pay referral fees if we close a deal.

Additionally, we are pleased to provide comfort that we can perform upon request as well as provide references and advise your availability to discuss opportunities of possible mutual interest.

As evidence of the ability to perform, we recently provided escrow/title with a soft proof of funds for up to $500,000,000 for real estate acquisitions.

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