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Marcus Long, Senior Investor Relations Advisor

Marcus Long

Senior Investor Relations Advisors

Marcus Long is a husband, father of two, and the Founder of A Long Legacy Capital. His real estate investment firm is dedicated to providing the resources and investment opportunities to achieve financial freedom, make an impact, and leave a legacy.

He has invested in a broad range of real estate since 2004, including a single-family portfolio, cattle farming, and private lending. Today, Marcus is a Limited Partner in hundreds of multifamily units around the country and a General Partner on over 600 units in Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee, where he has partnered to acquire over $75M in assets since 2021.

He is a founding member of the War Room, The Kinetic Man, and 7 Figure Multifamily Masterminds and currently serves as a coach for both 7 Figure Multifamily and The Kinetic Man Masterminds.

Following 21 years as a Naval Officer, Marcus is a full-time real estate professional who loves traveling and being active with his family and enjoys educating and serving other investors and his community.