People look at the photos of this project and say, “What’s that got to do with me? You’ve got to be crazy if you think I’m going to take on such a project. Where’s the hassle free in all of this? This looks like major headache and major risk.” Such response is absolutely correct.

When we take on a project like this we are taking on a number of liabilities and headaches. There is the potential of encountering the risk of flood/fire, vandalism, hazardous waists, plumbing/electrical issues, roof failure, water damage/mold/mildew, septic failure, HVAC failure, and well failure.

No matter how small or large the project there are the headaches of project management such as contractor issues, labor issues, personal injury claims, project cost over-runs, unanticipated problems and potential for mechanic liens that prevent the sell of the home. The list of liabilities goes on with such things as holding costs like ongoing repair/maintenance, potential loss of income due to vacancies, property management costs, special assessment fees, threats of eminent domain, and potential damage to adjacent properties from contractor error, erosion, or falling trees.

All of these potential liabilities pale in comparison to the biggest liability to the investor. Namely, such a project is a TIME BANDIT. Clearly such a project is NOT hassle free!

This kind of investment is not for everybody. Direct real estate investing is best left to Re-vitalization Specialists who can commit to the job on a full-time bases and who have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to deal effectively with all the liabilities to insure project profitability. There are much better real estate investment vehicles for the investor who is looking for an investment that brings security with higher than average rates of return and at the same time is hassle free — the most practical being, Private Lending.

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