Take a look at Photo 1 below. Do you ever see anything like this when driving around your community? What value does it bring to the community?

Most likely all of us have seen many such properties in our communities. Sometimes we find them as our neighbors. If we do have such places for neighbors we know that such properties are driving down the value of our own properties.

Photo 1: Home Before Re-vitalization
Photo 1: Home Before Re-vitalization
Though such properties do not help community property values such places are not valueless. This particular place did provide shelter and a gathering place for the family who lived there. Given their life and financial circumstances at the time it was about the best they could do. Selling to Steed Talker Realty & Investments allowed them the freedom to move and gave them the resources to establish themselves in a better environment. Real estate investing done properly is win/win/win. Steed Talker Realty & Investments works hard insure that there are no loosers, only winners.

Property for Rehabilitation for Profit in Sylva, NC
Photo 2: Home After Re-Vitalizationn
Now take a look at Photo 2 below. Do you recognize it? This is a photo of the same house as Photo 1, only it was taken forty-five days later. Which would you rather have for a neighbor? Which one enhances community property values? These are, of course, rhetorical questions and the answers obvious.

Clearly, the renovation benefits community property values but it brought more value to the community than just elevating property values. This project directly infused capital into the local economy and brought direct economic benefit to local businesses and local families.

Local vendors benefited. ALL materials and supplies came from local vendors. All contractors were local. In total there were eight contractors: General handy man (trash-out/demolition, etc.), carpenter, painter, heating-ventilation-air-conditioning, electrician, plumber, sheet rocker, and landscape/grading. These eight contractors employed a total of twenty-six individuals. Between the contractors and their employees, thirty-four local families benefited financially from this one project.

Photo 2: Local Real Estate Re-vitalized

Obviously community property values increased. This particular property more than doubled in Value. Surrounding property values did not double but their values did increase and the curb appeal of the whole neighborhood improved dramatically.

This project was profitable for the re-vitalization specialist who did the project and it was profitable for the Private Lender who put up the capital. The project provided a win/win/win for previous homeowner, the community, private lender, and re-vitalization specialist.

I do not know of another investment vehicle besides Private Lending, that not only builds wealth for the investor but also simultaneously strengthens the local economy. Those putting their investment dollars in Wall Street stocks or in Too Big to Fail Banks cannot make the same claim. This project is an example of dollar for dollar secured, hassle free, high yield investing in local economies for the direct benefit of not just the real estate investor and Private Lender, but for the benefit of Main Street rather than Wall Street.

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