Private Investors do not lend other peoples money. Private Investors lend their own money. Being that nobody’s money, other than the Private Investor’s is at risk, the Private Investor is not subject to the same regulations that govern banks. That means that anyone who has the funds to invest through secured lending can become a Private Investor and reap the financial rewards associated with secured lending. Steed Talker Realty & Investments provides its Private Investors with a seamless hassle free and secured environment in which to earn high rates of return.

Private Lending is a long-standing tool used by the wealthy to develop and grow wealth. Those with wealth invest in lending because, when done correctly, it is a convenient yet high yielding means of preserving and developing wealth. The information on this website is about investing through well-collateralized loans with publicly recorded security instruments that provide the Private Investor a secured means of lending. No investment other than deposits made to FDIC insured accounts are guaranteed but Private Investment secured with appropriately collateralized lending, the risk is minimized. Following the steps discussed on this website, the risk to a Private Investor is not only minimized but if losses do occur they can usually be mitigated and the original investment recouped.

The Information here illustrates how foreclosure can be more profitable to the Private Investor, than earning the interest in accordance with the original loan terms.

Nevertheless, It is generally desirable for all parties involved to adhere to the original terms of the loan and it is extremely rare for a private investor to have to resort to foreclosure in order to recover the investment. Life does sometimes throw curve balls, though, and it is good to know that the Private Investor has options and means of recovering losses when life takes an unexpected turn.

The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as an offer to sell securities. Any person, entity, or organization must first be qualified by the company and read all of the offering documents and attest to reading and fully understanding such documents. Steed Talker Realty & Investments and its affiliates are not licensed securities dealers or brokers and as such, do not hold themselves to be. The information on our website should be construed as informational and not as an advertisement soliciting for any particular purpose. All securities herein discussed have not been registered or approved by any securities regulatory agency in accordance with the securities act of 1933 or any state securities laws.
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