There are steps that we can take as private investors, not only to safe guard our investments from Wall Street, but also to build and strengthen our local communities. By investing in our local communities rather than Wall Street we can also increase the yields on our returns. Investing in Main Street rather than Wall Street creates a win-win situation for the private investor and the investor’s local community.

Move Your Money

The fastest and easiest way to begin is to Move Our Money to our local community banks. Go to this URL: to learn more about taking control of your money while helping to rebuild Main Street. The private investor who invests locally can have better more secure returns on the investment and the lender’s local community wins by keeping the capital at home on Main Street.

Private Lending

Once you’ve moved your money from Wall Street to your local community banks, there are other options to consider. Private Lending, the topic of this book, is one option worth consideration. Though few people are aware of the wealth building opportunities available to investors who choose to invest in private loans, the practice has been used to build and preserve wealth for eons. As this report illustrates, Private Lending when done according to the processes outlined in this publication can be a secured and hassle free means to high returns to build private wealth while strengthening Main Street.

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