Steed Talker Realty & Investments Private Investment Program
Following are the basics of the Steed Talker Realty & Investments Private Investment program.

Minimum investment of $10,000
Higher than average rates of return
Minimum 12 month commitment
Principle and interest payable on sale of property
Guaranty 1-2 points for short term loans of less than 30 days
Secured, Hassle Free, High Rates of Return (We pay all costs and handle all the details)

The long and short of it is, investing is emotional. Emotions are real. The more we acknowledge the contribution that emotions make to our decision-making processes the better our decisions will be and the healthier and happier we will be. Denying our emotions and trudging ahead claiming that only logic rules our decision-making will only lead to strokes and heart attacks. No matter what investment vehicle the investor selects, emotions contribute to that decision.

Uncertainty and anxiety based upon fear of loss are ever-present emotions. These are not bad emotions. These emotions serve us well and keep us from doing things that can be harmful.

Education that expands our understanding helps our emotions. When we better understand the differences between various investment vehicles our emotions can help us make sound decisions. When we understand what we are getting into our emotions work with us, not against us.

Our few attempts at stock market investing left us anxious and uncertain. Stocks to us are equivalent to betting on the horses. The fact is, with our knowledge of the equine industry and horses, we’d probably fair better at the track than at the stock market. Obviously, stock market investing is not for us. Our emotions validate the inappropriateness of stock market investing. Private Investment, on the other hand is another matter. We invest in private debt because Private Investing makes good sound business sense to us. When we invest in private debt, our emotions are calm. We feel comfortable about the investment and confident that the returns we expect will materialize. We are at peace with ourselves because our emotions are at rest.

Three Outcomes from Reading the Information on Our Web Site
After learning of Private Investment there are three outcomes and your emotions will determine which outcome is right for you. Whichever outcome you choose is the right one for you and we support your decision. We are all individuals and we honor you in making the decision that is right for you.

If you’ve read everything pertaining to Private Investment on our web site, you will have learned a lot about Private Investment and one of the following options will be the outcome:

Private Lending is not for you
You find the possibilities intriguing but uncertain and need more information before deciding
You like what you’ve heard and you want the secured, hassle-free, and excellent returns that Private Investment provides and you are ready to lend.
If number one is your currently where you are, we wish you the best of returns in all your investing and if you have a change of heart in the future we hope you will consider us as a source for Private Investing.

If number two is your choice, let us know what additional information you need. If you’d like to meet, all initial meetings are complimentary. Call us or complete the contact form below and we will contact your per your instructions.

If number three is your choice, complete the online Private Investor Application and we will immediately begin working to get you lined up with a property that meets your Private Investment criteria. There is no obligation on your part until a property is found. When a property is found, we will be in touch and will request a written commitment for funding prior to putting the property under contract. No funds are transferred until closing.

Steed Talker Realty & Investments provides Private Investors one of the best vehicles for earning secured, hassle-free, and higher than average rates of returns. Compared to stocks that are completely unsecured the risks of Private Investment are minimized. Compared to insured savings that are more secured, Private Investment provides much better earnings.

Private Investment to local real estate investors puts capital into local communities while providing the investor with secured and high returns. Dollar for dollar there are few, if any, other investment vehicles that serve to strengthen local economies and stabilize local property values to the same degree found with Private Investment in Deeds of Trust. Private Investment is win/win/win investing. The Private Investor wins with higher than average returns. The real estate investor wins with increased profit opportunities. The community wins with local capital investment.

Private Investment is a business endeavor, not personal, the intention of which is profitability for Private Investor and real estate investor. Private Investment is not a financial rescue. Rather, it is intentionally for profit. The law of nature is that outcomes follow intentions. Intentional Private Investment in deeds of trust for profit tends to generate profit.

Private Investment reduces investor risk because the collateral is legally secured. The collateral has greater value than the debt amount. Collateral is insurable and the capitalized real estate investor is insurable.

Comparing stocks to Private Investing, stocks are completely unsecured, uninsurable, purchased at market value, returns are unknown, and the asset is intangible. Private Investments, on the other hand, are fully secured, asset fully insured, purchased below market value, earnings are fixed, and the asset is tangible. Private Investment wins over stocks in every security category.

Comparing insured savings such as CDs or passbook savings to Private Investment, insured saves though very secured provide such low returns that the Investor loses financial ground. Investing in insured savings is like changing a hundred dollar bill for a twenty. Over 30 years the insured savings potentially loses the investor $80,000 on every $10,000 invested. Private Investment, on the other hand, offers the lender higher than average returns that builds wealth.

Investing with Steed Talker Realty & Investments is hassle-free. The Company’s well-developed organizational systems tend to every detail and legality. The Private Investor never has to leave their home.

Because of low LTVs, borrower default has the potential for being more profitable than interest earnings.

Private Investing is a secured, hassle-free means to higher than average return on investment. Private Investment is a sound investment vehicle. Private Investment builds wealth for the Investor and strengthens local economies. Private Investment Builds Wealth on Main Street NOT Wall Street.

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