There are ten steps that Steed Talker Realty & Investments employees to provide secured, hassle free, and high-yield Private Investment opportunities. With our due diligence applied to each step of the process, the Private Investor is required to do only four things to take advantage of this opportunity, all of which can be managed from the comfort of their own home. All that is required of the Private Investor is approval and signing of the documents, authorization of funds, and receiving of their returns. Steed Talker Realty & Investments makes the process as easy and as hassle free as the purchase of stocks, bonds, or CDs.

Step One – Locate the property

Steed Talker Realty & Investments locates a possible property that will serve as excellent collateral for the Private Investment.

Step Two – Comparative Market Analysis

Every property that is under consideration for purchase as a vehicle for a deed of trust as collateral for Private Investment is subjected to a thorough Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Every purchase decision and project plan is based upon the CMA. Valid CMA are critical to the company’s success so all are conducted in house with extensive due diligence. With the Company’s CMA, the Private Investor has the assurance that the market value of the property is valid.

Step Three – Title search and title insurance

The property goes under contract to purchase and the closing attorney conducts the title search and provides the search to the Title Insurance Company. With the search and the insurance, the Steed Talker Realty & Investments and the Private Investor are protected in the event that the title is ever challenged.

Step Four – Project Plan

With the property under contract, Steed Talker Realty & Investments finalizes the Project Plan. The Project Plan specifies in great detail every aspect of the re-vitalization project. Every detail from major down to the fine details of carpet/vinyl, type of paint and color, exact fixtures for plumbing and lighting are put into the plan. The timelines are established. The Contractors arranged and Contractor Agreements are signed. With the completion of the Project Plan, the project is ready to begin the day of closing.

These first four steps of the processes are part of what makes Private Investment with Steed Talker Realty & Investments an attractive and hassle free process. Steed Talker Realty & Investments takes care of all these details before the Private Investor has any involvement. The Private Investor has no more involvement in these processes than a bank that invests in deeds of trust.

Step Five – Preparation of the security instruments

The security Instruments are what make real estate a valuable collateral for Private Investment. The closing attorney prepares all of these documents for the Private Investor, just as they would if the bank was the Investor. There are four legal documents that secure the collateral for the Private Investment. These legal documents are the (1) Promissory Note, (2) Deed of Trust, (3) Hazard Insurance Rider, and (4) Title Insurance. See examples of these documents.

The Promissory Note is a legal and binding written promise to pay. The note specifies the conditions: the payment frequency, payment amount, interest rate, and payoff period. The Promissory Note is made by Steed Talker Realty & Investments, the grantor, and given to the Private Investor, the grantee. At the closing Steed Talker Realty & Investments, signs the Promissory Note and gives it to the Private Investor (or Investor’s fiduciary –attorney or trustee, however the Investor directs). The Private Investor holds the Promissory Note until it is paid in accordance with the specified conditions.
The Deed of Trust is the instrument that ties the Private Investment to the collateral and works in tandem with the Promissory Note to provide the Private Investor recourse in the event of Steed Talker Realty & Investment default. A Deed of Trust gives explicit permission to the lender to take title to the property in the event that the borrower defaults.
Deeds of Trust are always a three party document. There is a Trustor (Steed Talker Realty & Investments), a trustee (fiduciary who takes title for the Investor in the event of Steed Talker Realty & Investment default), and the beneficiary (Investor). The trustee is customarily the closing agent, in North Carolina, often the closing attorney.
Hazard Insurance: On the hazard insurance rider, the Private Investor is named as an additional insured party and the insurance rider presented to The Private Investor at closing.
Title Insurance: The Private Investor is also named as an insured party on the Title Insurance policy so that the Investor is protected should title be challenged.
Step Six – Private Investor signs attorney prepared documents

The closing attorney sends the documents to the Private Investor for approval and signature on Deed of Trust. The Private Investor never has to leave their home. All they need do is sign the document and return to the closing attorney and send the investment check or authorize transfer of funds to the closing attorney. That is the extent of the Private Investor’s involvement in the transaction.

Step Seven – Closing

With the Private Investment documents signed Steed Talker Realty & Investments goes to the closing and signs closing documents.

Step Eight – The revitalization project commences

Steed Talker Realty & Investments oversees every step of the project.

Step Nine – The revitalization project is completed

With the completion of the project, the property is sold. Often the properties are under contract before the project completion. Our goal is completion of project from the day of closing to the day of the sold closing to be less than six months.

Step Ten – Property is sold

The Private Investor receives their principle and high yield returns.


With Steed Talker Realty & Investments managing the whole process, the investment is a hassle free investment for the investor. The investor is required to do three things:

Sign the investment documents
Authorize transfer of funds to closing attorney
Receive payment of funds at the completion of the project

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